Friday, January 29, 2010

Told You So

I think I predicted this week way back during my holiday high.


It was a slump of a week, for sure. Not too much went right, not too much flowed, nothing fit right. But it is also a week that has come to a close.

I wrote about it here, but I just wanted to say the quiet feels good in its own way. This place is an interesting reflection of my life, has some little bits that fall in and out of favor, and lately has less and less of the happenings. Maybe that is just how it goes...

No worries, I will be around. Now, I have to go and post the blankets to be given to some little ones that have needs greater than a blanket can solve, but that a soft blanket can surely surround.

Think of Tuesday for a minute today, of her family and loved ones and the Love she shared with us all in her beautiful radiant spirit. Thank you.


jillian said...

Everyone has down weeks - I bet the next one will be up, up, up! Loved reading your dreams - so inspiring :)

Kellee said...

Sometimes the down weeks are the better ones, the necessary ones, the ones where we come back to our centers and can face the next peaks from the best possible place.

I'm catching up on my poor neglected reader tonight. So you'll like have quite a few comments from me. :)

eda said...