Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOVE 4 :: Missions

I have tried to stay on top of the LOVEs this week, but it has been a challenge. Now I am unwilling host to cranial pounding elves who have taken residence...just there behind my Right eye. Exacerbated by the recent playtime including a darkened room and a flashlight shone directly in said eye. But sometimes, playtime is worth it. As is LOVE.

Today? I have to document my love of Missions. This is the last week of my Mondo Beyondo course, a class that ran by too quickly. One part of the class that I particularly loved was the missions, little actions assigned to help promote...well, action. Each one has brought a lovely outer focus to my days, to my weeks. And a very good lesson in awareness, becoming aware of how internalized my life had become. Maybe it was due to navel gazing, maybe the effort that it takes to start off parenting with the double whammy of twins, but a lot of life had shrunk down to fit into the square footage not to exceed the parks in walking distance. (More on Mondo love later).

The last lesson was to write a letter to someone who has had great influence in our life. My efforts morphed into a psuedo letter/Valentine, inspired in part by Jen (there she is again, I must be crushing) and by the whole idea of a week of LOVE.

So, I gathered some extra fabric, card stock, cut outs and a pen and got to work. It was easy, fast and fun. Cut, spray, stick and cut again. Hearts with some special words, plain paper decorated prettily and then a few moments to think and write with a nicely rolling black pen.

It was fun to send them off at the post office, fun to know that some of the lovely ladies in my life will get some LOVE and a chance to spread it too. I only hesitated for a minute, wondering what if this is too cheesy, but then I received a text from one recipient today and I could feel the love from her. So, it is all good.

I just wish I had time to make 100. And that I remember that a silly made up holiday about love does not set the limits on when to do something nice like this. That a Mission can be any day, anytime of the year, maybe even better done away from some marked day.
V Day Lurve

So, to continue to spread love I invite you to join in. Grab something, anything, scrap or new, handmade or bought, and write to a loved one, let them know how you feel, why you love them, send it off and smile a bit. In a day and age when text and twits seem to rule so much, let some paper and pen give you pause.

SPREAD LOVE. You know you can.


Sereknitty said...

LOVE this post!

Shan said...

OMG, I LOVE this idea! I may need to copy you for next year!

Preeti said...

I love the written word and what a great way you picked to spread the love. Sweet idea:)