Friday, February 12, 2010

LOVE 5 :: Mondo & Beyond

Friday, blessed lovely Friday. It means so much more since returning to work. This week was lovely and rough all at once, and I find on this Friday I sit here with a little twinge of sadness as I reflect on my love of the day.

Today? Today I love my class Mondo Beyondo. When I first heard the name, well, to be honest, it sounded a little over the top. I first read about Mondo Beyondo lists on Andrea's superb blog, Superhero Journal. That woman is a dynamic bit of a energy and goregeousness. She radiates goodness and it was what drew me to the course. I missed the first round, then the second, but signed up for the third as a birthday gift to myself. And I have not regretted a second.

saints come marching in

What is it, you might wonder? I am not sure if I can give it justice nor can I say what it would be for another. For me, it was an instant reconnection with a inner self, one that felt a little timid of late. I found that girl, now woman, that did not hesitate to apply to college in New York, or drop a 'life' to go travel somewhere far, or call a friend...or reach a bit. The finding feels spectacular but still a little new, tender and processing.

I think what I realized with the help of the lessons and missions and ideas is that we are always more than the sum of our parts, that when we dream a little, we grow a lot. That being a little vulnerable and feeling some love are wonderful things. And I feel such a renewed vigor for things...things now and soon and long future forth.

The concrete things I am taking with me are a list (posted here if you care to read it), new friends that feel like they literally slid into that space where you were missing that last piece(s) to finish the border of that 1500 piece puzzle you are working on, and some very concrete steps to get to a few of the dreams.

Do we need dreams? I used to read a lot of Paulo Coelho (I used to read a lot, in a life long ago). I remember in The Valkyries he spoke to his wife at one point, told her to start her training by taking her focus to the horizon. Look up, gaze out, open yourself. Look up, look out, open you life. Have you ever tried it? It works. And this class was like Looking Up, Looking Out, and Opening Myself.

I have yet to feel all the benefits, yet to actually even finish reading this week's lessons and missions. But the ripple is in effect, it is taking its hold and that feels really good.
Mondo Beyondo :: My Altar

For you, my friends and readers, I would suggest you take a look if you feel the need for something, but cannot quite figure it out, or if you want to dream in color, or stretch your inner muscles a bit, or just work, work a little and play a little and be reminded that we live in a day and age where dreaming is allowed and even encouraged in some places.

I remember at the start of the course I was so nervous to reveal my list. I knew it what it would be as I was writing it. Not much on it surprised me, but I was totally surprised by how others responded. It is not often that an immediate dream is to literally live in a van down by the river. But in truth, I find I am happiest in transit, with moderate periods of settling. I am happiest as a gypsy, and that dream looks a lot closer than it did 5 weeks ago. And not one of my fellow dreamers laughed at me. I am hoping that you do not either.
Mondo Beyondo :: My Altar

So, today I love Mondo and the Beyond. It just looks so damn pretty from where I am sitting right now.

I have to add as I type this, I also really really love Graber olives. The kid and I just shared a whole can, the first food he has eaten with gusto in a week. If you are local, pick some up. They are beyond. And yeah, I am avoiding the thought of what a can of olives does on an empty stomach. Yeach.


LauraC said...

I have really enjoyed reading along in your journey, although not commenting as much because it is your path to find. After the whole skin thing last year, I spent quite a bit of offline time contemplating where my life is and where it is going. And I realized that unlike you, I have always wanted to be grounded. And here in NC with Jon, I am grounded where I need (and want) to be.

After all that contemplation, I feel that my life is back on track in a way it has not been for a long time. I have just chosen not to make this emotional journey public.

As I played in the snow with all three of my boys this morning... well, I can not describe it in any other way except that everything in my life is RIGHT.

May you find your way as well, sounds like this class was exactly what you needed.

Shan said...

You are so beautiful, A. Inside and out. xo-S.

Anonymous said...

Your words are so true and described Mondo so perfectly. For me it is not an easy thing to define or articulate. I read your post and was like there she said it for me!