Saturday, February 13, 2010

LOVE 6 :: Tea Parties

Today? Well, I love my boys. And play time. Our usual playtime consists of trucks and pillow forts, train building and train wrecking, flying paper airplanes and furiously scribbling with crayons and pens and highlighters and occasionally the squirreled away Sharpie (did I mention that Owen actually scribbled with the infamous indelible all over my car seats on Christmas day, minutes before our family hike? No? He is still alive obviously and I will tell you why. If you happen to have a Sharpie to fabric emergency, try rubbing alcohol, lots of it. It totally saved his ass).

So, all these listed activities are so BOY, right? Of course they are, as these two little people in my life are of the male gender. But that does not mean we do not try new things. Kitchen time is a blast, we set it up outside with some old benches and lots of kid sized plates and pans and gadgets and they have a blast cooking us cakes and soup and rice, all from the variety of dirt and mulches layered in our yard.

But my latest favorite was our sick day tea party.
tea party

A few weeks ago I ran into a small set of porcelain bits, little cups and saucers and a pitcher. I had no real plans to actually show it to them, thinking their little fingers too brutish to treat the pieces properly. But then we had a sick-no-school-day, a day where staying in seemed most opportune. Neither boy was showing any interest in food or trucks or trains so I pulled out the little box and they showed instant fascination.

tea party

Out came the old quilt, the tiny pieces and some finely chopped granola bars and we had ourselves a proper tea party (sans tea) with generous pouring by Mason and sipping by us all. Sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised by them, my lovely boys.

tea party
tea party
tea party

Owen even did the dishes when we were done. Aw.
tea party

There is not much that I haven't said about them, but there is always so much more to say. My greatest challenge and my greatest blessing. Their love for me generates so much good in my life. And my love for them....well, there seems to be no way to really speak it. But I will always try.

Your Mama love you, boys, loves you so very very much.


Anonymous said...

Oooh... that looks like a REAL Hummel teaset... if my mom were still alive I think she'd hop on a plane to come and steal it from you hehehe.

Cheers Eva

I Saw You Dancing said...

What a delectable moment!
Clever mama. x

Jess said...

"My greatest challenge and my greatest blessing..."

Boy, that really sums it up, doesn't it?

Lovely post.