Thursday, March 11, 2010

Irresistable :: Stitching

Sometimes I cannot resist the lure of a new project. You may know that the new Alabama stitch book is out, making the blog tour rounds. I really loved making my skirt last year, it is a cherished piece of clothing that only improves with wear. It was also a huge endeavor, each minute stitch by hand. Initially I intended to bang out project after project, almost an A to Z plan as each piece in her first book is stunning and wearable and beautiful.

Well, that did not happen and the book returned to the shelving area, not at all forgotten, just subsumed under all the other things I HAD to do at that moment. But thanks to the new book and a need and desire for something beautiful and wearable and stunning, I am back at it.
Alabama Again

There is so much to each least, that is how I think at the start. It can feel almost overwhelming when the whole piece is considered, there is the material and the stencils and the stitching and the embellishments. I have found thinking of it with a 'one step at a time' mentality helps.
Alabama Again

So, I have the t-shirt material cut. I have the plan for the piece. And I have a re-usable stencil at the ready. For those of you that do stitch, I will put up my methods and recommendations in another post. For now, I have this test swatch ...
Alabama Again
A beautiful potential...and so many ideas and stitches to go. Wish me luck.

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Preeti said...

Going to look just beautiful! I like the two fabrics that you've chosen