Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh, Sunday.

We do not attend services on Sunday, but somehow the day always turns out feeling holy.

It is our family day, reserved for us, for rest and joyful practice...hikes, soil in our hands from the backyard, warm dinners, long hours together.

I loved this Sunday in particular...another storm blowing through in the middle of the night, leaving behind fresh blankets of snow up above, and clean crisp air in the cool morning. Taking the time to walk with them, proud to see their legs carry them up switchbacks, over rocks and little rivulets, straining to climb up on their own, then laughing as they tumble around on slippery ground. Watching unbridled enthusiasm for holes in the ground, oak trees, calling birds, people on bikes, mud flats.
Sunday Snaps :: Hiking

It feels like worship, when these moments happen. I can feel the blessing of it slide over my shoulders and wrap warmth around my heart just as the morning sun does. I feels like the most authentic worship I know right now.
Sunday Snaps :: Our Church

And I think I might be more inclined to go to Church if they held it on a wide open fire trail while the congregation hiked together.


LauraC said...

This actually made me think of my hippy church. We just joined a Unitarian church after months of checking it out. This Sunday's service is about celtic traditions and there is a solstice outdoor celebration later this month and then of course Easter is coming. A little bit of something for everyone.

And actually some of our services are in the woods.

(The hardest part of joining was giving up our lazy Sunday mornings, but service isn't until 11. Score.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so love these pictures! You guys are so beautiful! If you find that church will you let me know? Until then keep those hikes, yummy dinners, Sundays in general-all yours. : )

I Saw You Dancing said...

You all look so at home in this lush, gorgeous setting. What a beautiful, vibrant, TOGETHER family.
Who needs anywhere else to worship when you have all you need with each other and in nature?
You so get it. x

MJ said...

Wherever you find peace and joy is always a good thing. Hikes are wonderful; communing with Nature is my favorite thing too.

Preeti said...

Those pictures are just amazing. Hiking with the kids, now that's something we haven't done in ages. Your Sunday snapshots make me want to take a walk with them right now!

Anonymous said...

Love this post- so sweet.

I'm thinking of going to BlogHer anyway and trying to justify it to myself. It helps knowing you would be there!

BethAnn said...

that sound glorious!, lets start a church meeting like that... i suppose thats the way jesus did it. lol.