Thursday, April 08, 2010

April :: Points North

Tomorrow morning Tim and I are heading North for a few days. First to Berkeley to see Natalie Chanin and finally be able to touch and feel her work in person.

Then down down down the coast, Big Sur style. It might be a bit gloomy, cloudy, cool and rainy but I do not care. We need a little bit of a break from the norm right about now.

We are heading out with a rental lens. Canon 24-70 2.8. Last time we rented a lens we ended up buying it. Dangerous practice, this lens renting. I played with it a bit today to get the feel. Know what it feels like? Heavy. Whew. That thing packs on the pounds. But, oh, how I love the results.
Testing testing...
Testing testing...
Testing testing...
Testing testing...
(Mildly disturbing window installation in Pasadena)
Testing testing...
(Don't ask me why they are sitting on the sidewalk. Sigh.

And before we head out, I did manage to finish a task I set for myself. All birthday invites inked up and ready to be sent out. More on that next week.

See you Monday. Happy trails to you.


Anonymous said...

First of all, have an awesome, awesome time.

Second of all, those photos are awesome and that lens sound badass.

It's gloomy here too, but I don't mind. All the more reason to be all up on each other.

jillian said...

That skirt is already stunning - all those little stitches!

Those photos are insane. Good insane.

And whoa. You did little puzzle invites? Cool.

Have a fantastic time!

Janna said...

Have a great vacation! Your babies sitting on the sidewalk with their serious expressions - SO SO SO CUTE!

Sadia said...

Have a lovely trip. Love, love, LOVE the puzzle invites! Ours this year are postcards.

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic, amazing time! Can't wait to see the pics.


jane said...

That skirt is so beautiful! Renting lenses is such a brilliant idea - hope you have a good trip :)

K8 said...

So jealous - I miss Berkeley! I hope you have an amazing trip, and I can't wait to see more of that skirt!