Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April :: Easter and Celebration

Easter 2010

I think some of you are aware of the fact that I am one of 8 siblings. I am second in line with one older brother, we are all just about two years apart except for the younger boys. As we have grown and partnered off, I have noticed a very interesting thing, especially on holiday weekends. Three of my siblings have partners that also come from families of 8. My sister in law is the youngest of 8, Cuban descent. My brother has a girlfriend that has 5 sisters and two brothers, her youngest siblings are actually close in age to my boys, Hawaiian descent. And my brother in law comes from a huge family on his Dad's side, 8 uncles and aunties, Creole descent. It serves for some awesome and huge holiday celebrations.

Easter 2010

This year was no exception. We spent the first part of the day with the Hawaiians, their backyard sent the boys into ecstatic fits of joy. Huge play area, gardens and slides and swings and a pig. A pig with PMS but still, a pig.
Easter 2010

We had a mellow and fun egg hunt with the little people scurrying around and quickly getting the gist of it. (Video here for Gramma Mona and Grandpa Jim). The thing I love about gathering with other big families is the mellow vibe, the easy flow in and out of the kitchen, the constant hustle and new faces to meet and the food. Oh god. The food. Maybe it is due to the fact that when you feed 8 mouths daily, you know how to create an ungodly amount of food. It was a chilly windy and puffy cloud day and there was hot soup and other good stuff. And it brings me so much happiness to watch our families as they blend and mesh together, see my siblings in happy settings, with happy people.
Easter 2010

And then we went to my brother's house where the Cubans had gathered. No pictures there because I think I went into a food coma. There were tostones (fried plantain) and medianoches (Cuban sandwiches) and pastelitos (flaky pastry with meat inside). And the awesome news that I will be an auntie again come next fall, their first. And then I watched as my boys fell deeply in love with Jules, an 11 year old sweet heart that watched them carefully and obligingly performed the role of the tiger during playtime.

Easter 2010
Easter 2010

And it begins to come to me just how wonderful it is to be part of this family, this multiplication table of love. They are each different, the currents and relationships of each group have their own flavor and fashion but in the end, it is all about the love and the sharing and the gathering. It would be such a blast to gather them all, every sibling and their partner and their others into one big huge space someday, just to see what it would be like.
Easter 2010

I love that I can watch my siblings become grown ups belonging to a circle wider than our own, becoming spouses and parents and people that can fit into so many places. It makes holidays a wonderful joy rather than a stress or strain. Hope your Easter held lots of joy and fun and candy too.

Easter 2010
Easter 2010

(Owen pre-choc choc coma).

Now, on to the next event in April. Birthday boys and sewing skirts, road trip to Berkeley and puzzle invites. More on that soon.


LauraC said...

PLEASE go to Zachary's for me in Berkeley. I'm back on Weight Watchers until our beach trip and I'd love to eat vicariously though you.

I would also be happy with a chocolate cream puff from Beard Papa or a hummus sandwich from Intermezzo.


(My dad is one of five, each of the five has at least three kids. The hardest part about celebrations in NC is not being with a large loud family all day!)

Sadia said...

I think this sort of thing is why I so love my mother-in-law's family. She's one of only three, but family get-togethers include their cousins, and their spouses and descendants too. I'm one of only two, but Dad had 11 siblings. My Mum didn't like to spend time with family, but the cousins and I have become closer in adulthood. Unfortunately, we're scattered across the world. I too would love to see everyone in one place.

Congrats, Auntie!

Sereknitty said...

So envious of your large family dynamic! I'm one of two and had always wanted to have a least 6 kids, myself (which didn't happen) because I yearned to have a big family. Enjoy it fully and allow me to live my life vicariously through you and your wonderful posts.