Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From the Road :: II

We have arrived at our second destination, the next leg of our trip north. I am starting to see a pattern to the travels :: zoos and family. In the last week or so we have been to two small rescue zoos and seen countless family members, and I think I am liking the pattern so far.

Family, I think we all know how important it is in our lives. Tim's family lives in Portland and it has been years since our last visit and I should not have been surprised to be greeted by two grown boys but I was. I remember my first nephew being born, and then the younger playing with his Mama's oven mitts in the middle of their kitchen on our first visit to Portland. Now, they take themselves off to school on the bus and unearth all their old Matchbox cars and videos for my young boys. Surreal.

It has been a bit blustery and rainy and we are glad for the welcome and shelter and comfort of a home. The boys alternate between "me stay here forever" and "me go to my home?" and we are finding a new rhythm to the day that includes much later bedtimes and earlier wake ups than ever before as I finally abandoned hauling around black out curtains. Note to self :: If you ever have another do not utilize black out curtains. It will make your life easier in the end.

I am keeping up with daily iPhone pictures posted to Flickr...so far on a daily basis. I might get it up here if I visit an Apple store today to resolve some sync issues that my lil' baby is having. For now the set of pictures is here ::

Uber Trip North

And here are a few that I love ::

Day 5
(rescued screech owl (behind glass)

Day 6
Freezing rain on Mt Saint Helens. 30 years since the eruption.

Day 5
Silly Boys.


jillian said...

Such great pics! Glad you are all having a grand time.

K8 said...

I love Mt. St. Helens - such eerie scenery when I was last there. Love the owl pic!

Kellee said...

Looks like a wonderful trip, and i love the pics! Have a great time! :)