Friday, May 14, 2010

From the Road :: I

Do you want to know what a family gathered looks like in my definition? It is chaos and noise, three under three running rampant, wreaking havoc as they bend and shape around and with each other. It is trips to Costco (always) because how else can you feed 10 or so healthy grown adults? Costco looks the same in any town, it is like a point of comfort almost.
Day 2

It is a few fights and tears as grown siblings try to learn to bend and shape around each other. It is quick trips out of the house, to play in the gymnastic place for the first time, or see a little zoo. It is laughs and tumbling and the smell of the best food you have ever waited for.
Day 2

If you have a big big family, you know these things. Maybe you do not. But, oh, you my reading friends, how I wish I could suck you into this. The mild drama, the big love, the incessant playing of Disney movies in the background to appease the children. Isn't this how humans initially came to live together in the beginning?

The start of this trip is exactly as it should be, my Dad sleeping snoring on the couch, the kids asleep (thank god, they went to bed at 11 last night....11!!! oh my god) everyone 'home' safe for the time being. Dinner done, a date at the Finnish tubs with the man in a few hours....and it feels good.

Signing off to watch the Princess and the Frog (watch this movie, it is so so good).


angelina said...

family::::i miss mine.

Kellee said...

My family is large and far flung across countries and oceans. When we get together, it is something special. May your entire trip be something to remember. :)