Wednesday, May 12, 2010

T Minus

And so it almost begins, our trip North. The car is packed, the boys asleep after chanting over and over again that we are going to Kayda's house...

Space bags have saved our lives as we can actually see out of the back of the Subaru despite having a month of things in there.

The Plan ::

A possible meet up with a Superhero.
A graduation of a 'family' member and the opportunity to bring the whole bunch together again (it makes me giddy).
A safari.
A dance class that blows my mind.
A ferry ride to a beautiful island.
A free pass for Tim to ride and ride and ride (while we find various fun things to do around Whistler).
Another meet up with two bloggers I love.
Back to Portland and that class again.
Down to Sac to visit my older brother and his wife and their new home and pup.

And then home. Whew. Feeling a little overwhelmed and a little excited and really hoping tomorrow starts off in the best of ways, which would look like two boys sleeping peacefully through the dawn departure, then munching happily on pre-made french toast sticks while watching video after video while we sail up the 5 freeway. With no barfing. Wish us luck.

I think I will just photoblog most of soon as I figure out how to set up MMS on my iphone. Yeah, the one I have had since Novemeber. Don't laugh too hard at me, please. This trip is gonna' be good for learning a lot of new things. Bon voyage.


LauraC said...

Have an amazing trip! Super inspiring!

jillian said...

Bon voyage my dear! I know you'll have a fantastic time!

Bon said...

safe travels, and joy. :) also, can't wait to see pictures.

Gen said...

I love it!! You are going to have such an amazing trip!

K8 said...

Have a wonderful trip - it sounds like so much fun!

Sereknitty said...

Can't wait for our meet up!

Katie said...

This is awesome! I'm just catching up on blogging as I've been down in the depths of my dissertation. Oh how I wish I could be road-tripping at the moment ~ I'll be living vicariously through you! Wishing you fun, happy, and safe travels!

Kellee said...

Sounds like a truly amazing trip!!! :D