Tuesday, June 08, 2010

From the Road :: VII

This space had been a bit devoid of craft as there has been considerable less making than I assumed would happen. Something about travel and transitions and taking care of boys, well, it pushed making aside a lot. But I did put up a few pictures of the simple Thorpe inspired hats that I made for the nephews here. It actually felt pleasant to be knitting with 100% wool due to the cooler weather. The design is top down to ear flaps to icord, really simple but so cute. Both came out generously sized but that just insures if they go into the dryer at some point they might come out fitting.

The real road friendly projects have been my stitching. Before we left home I played around with the technique of washing out some of the stenciled fabric. Er, not so pretty, but a start. I also cut a bunch of Mylar stencils to use if the whim struck me (more like if I found the time). One plan was to alter a well made tshirt that sported a seasonal holly leaf. I used a appliqué relief, just cut out the painted flower and stitched it onto the front. It was fairly intricate but rewarding. I practiced beading a bit and fell in love with the technique.

The tshirt fit a little odd so I slashed off the neck line and armbands and find myself the owner of a new favorite. Very nice.
Up-cycled tshirt

I sported it a bit at a festival paired with my skirt. A little much but I love the fit of the clothes I am making lately and it is hard to censor.
Day 24
(I intentionally left this big so you can see the gorgeous-ness that is the creating from my sis and brother in law> So awesome, right? He made all the woodwork, she did all the sewing. If you see something you like, email me or comment, everything you see is for sale.)

And yes, I hit the hula hoops again. This time I had this pair in tow...
Day 24
Day 24
Day 24

and I even hula’d with my niece riding my shoulders. That was an experience, she was loving it the whole time but hula hooping is work.

The last is my favorite. I wanted to make something special for Em for her birthday and this was a little late but came together in time for her to wear to her craft festival.
Summer stitching

It is a stenciled and quilted headband, I used a scrap of stencil and a sharpie and then stitched inside. My favorite part was the rose beading on the edges…a new love.
Summer stitching
I seem to just keep finding them in this medium.

All this stitching prompted me to join a new group, the Slow Summer Stitching group on Flickr here. Jennie, my sister in all this stitching, directed me and now I feel as if it is open season. The quilt that inspired me is calling my name and I love that it is just a square at a time. So, just after I finish this new project, another up-cycle tshirt (they are all I wear, you know)...
Another tshirt
Then, I will start some quilt pieces. Or a piece for my other sister. Or, or, or...just too many possibilities.

If this does not convert you into a hand stitching, jersey wearing fanatic, than reading Natalie’s latest book definitely will. Now go to it and stitch, I sure am.


beki said...

awesome! your projects are beautiful!! i've been in a bit of a lull, but after seeing this, i'm ready to hop back to it :)

Anonymous said...

This is all so fun and special! :)

brook said...

love the headband!!! super cute!