Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playtime :: Part One

There are so many things I want to write and say here, but I am finding that every spare moment is taken up in some way and all the impetus that used to be there for blogging is pulled into efforts else where. There has been a lot of work time and play time and garden time...and it is all on the iPhone in pictures here or on the SLR and not uploaded there...and you know me and my incessant posting with corroborating pictures.

But last week has held some lovely things. Early morning drop-in at Disney to avoid crowds, finding an easy walk on and off our favorite rides. Home by noon.
Summer is good

Welcoming wandering Canadians into our home with a nice dinner, moderate to firm bed to rest on and a hot shower. And discovering new friends that may live half a world away but are truly kindred folks.

A day with my best friend and a sewing machine, teaching her the first few steps into the world of making for oneself. And she even made a pillow.
Her first pillow

Jam experiments with plums and jalapenos and discovering a great method for peeling stone fruit (Big pot of boiling water and another of ice water, drop them in, fish them out when they look all peely and slip off the skin).

Time in the park laying in the sun, doing nothing. Watching a softball league team with the boys and rooting them on even though we didn't know them.

And then the inaugural gathering of our new society of women. The name and illustration will give you just a little glimpse into just how twisted our little minds can be.
Any questions?
But it is all in great fun and with the express intent of gathering our real time group much more often to share and teach and laugh and joke and wear mustaches. (Oh my god, I look horrible in a stache. But Lesley doesn't)
Any questions?

I left today's 'trash to treasure' themed afternoon with a brand new summer wardrobe from the lovelies I call friends. And they relieved me of unopened wedding presents and we agreed the next meet up would be all about sewing stuff.

The best part of learning to play more is not feeling lonely. I love my family, my husband and my boys but I tend to stay close to home in more ways than one and stretching these muscles feels really good. It reminds me to stop and look for opportunities to live and play with others in the whole wide bustle of Living.

And that is nothing but Good.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have been stretching those muscles a lot lately, after the world tipped sideways. There is something refreshing about wrapping yourself in the love and companionship of good friends, especially when you haven't for a while. I'm glad you are doing that for yourself.

Anonymous said...

You mean an amazing home-cooked meal (which I definitely want the recipe for!), a cozy bed in a backyard sanctuary, and a refreshing shower in your bathroom which we want to recreate in our home!

It was lovely getting to know you guys - now it's your turn to come see us! ;) I recommend the Fall when all the leaves are changing their colour and decorating the forests in the nearby Gatineau hills (yup, definitely not mountains!)