Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Snaps

The warmer weather is fast approaching and that means Summertime.

O sporting my glasses.
Summer snaps

Mace pointing at the approaching Monorail train at Disneyland.
Summer snaps

Do you love their shits? We do. They say "I LOVE BOOKS" and the boys 'read' the shirts all the time.
(Add :: Er. I meant 'shirts'. But you know that, right? And as Laura said, it is too funny a typo to correct. Note to self : Proof it.)

Hope your summer is shaping up just so. Waiting on some Canadian visitors who will be stopping by for the night, LauraC. Isn't Mondo great?


LauraC said...

DUDE. LOVE the typo of "Do you love their shits?" I was going to comment that I love their shirts but the typo is so so so much better.

JEALOUS of your meet up, have a great time!

And also jealous of your planned meet up with Dawn!

Email coming your way.

Kellee said...

I LOVED that typo. LOL I do love their shirts as well. Looks like they had a great time. :)

Jess said...

Love those shirts. Very cool.

I work in Corporate Communications as a writer and, upon finding out I was pregnant, a co-worker got me a onsie that says, "Word."