Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Owen wants a Doll

Finally, finally some of our closest friends are having children. It was iffy there for a bit. Tim and I were some of the first to have babies and then we went and had two and for a long time we were like pariahs, not because they did not want us around but because friends without children don't quite do the same things friends with children do. But now (cue evil laugh) they are coming over and it makes me supremely happy.

I have decided to reward my wonderful friends by making their children things...sewn things, to be exact. The latest gift went to a sweet baby girl who went from newborn to one like a race car goes from 0 to 60. At least that is how it felt to me...I am sure that is not so for the parents. Here is the little sweetie (her Mama made that bday hat. So cute).

I wanted to make her something girl but not too girly because her dad is really cool and punk rock and I wanted to skip the whole tutu thing. I used a pattern which I found at Bolt in Portland. (I can't find a link to the pattern but here is the blog of the pattern maker and her etsy shop).

It was designed by a mama local to that area and Owen fell in love with the sample dolls at the store. It is a great pattern, simple and enjoyable with a little bit of hand sewing and a little bit of time at the machine. I also found that JoAnn's now stocks bamboo stuffing for her insides so this little girl is as wholesome inside as out.

I highly recommend this pattern for anyone that would like to try a doll...the biggest challenge was picking out her 'clothes' and then stuffing her evenly so she did not look too lumpy.

She has Chucks
I had to switch out the feet for a custom pair of Chucks as I have never seen any other pair of shoes on her Daddy. Isla was actually the recipient of all the the outgrown pairs we had sitting around here. But on her big birthday she was wearing....wait for ones. Guess her Daddy caved like every other one out there eventually does.

During the making I had a little guy named Owen at my elbow requesting that I sew one up for him.
he loves her

He very specifically asked for a 'girl with yellow hair' as in the picture included with the pattern. I am not sure if I should be thrilled that he wants me to make him something or a little worried that he is already requesting a tall blond to carry under his arm. What a ladies' man.

Nothing quite like sewing for littles that I know I will be seeing around for years to come. Makes me all giddy inside.
Much more to come as babies are popping up all over the place around here. Yippeee.


Anonymous said...

Oh so cute!

I've started doing commissioned knitting for a designer that sells things at Bendel's on 5th Avenue in New York. While it is AWESOME to make some money doing something I love, I absolutely have zero time for my own personal knitting. I miss it. I miss being able to make gifts. :/ I think what you are doing it awesome!

angelina said...

well done. i like your doll.

Anonymous said...

AUGH, I would love to see you in New York! I don't have plans to be home that weekend as of right now, but stuff gets scheduled and rescheduled every day around here, so I'll keep you posted :)

Anonymous said...

That picture of Owen and the doll...OMG I just want to eat him up. I also love the idea of you being giddy. : )