Wednesday, August 04, 2010

On my Way

Sitting here at LAX after the quick and painless check in. The boys and Tim accompanied me and we parked at top level to watch the huge planes take off all the better. TSA was easy, they let me through with gobs of lotion and hair products and wickedly sharp scissors.

And I am excited but for now just want to put up a picture of them....

Carry on?
Carry on? Maybe I could have tried for the one, but they might have noticed two.

Mama loves you, boys. Very very much.
365 - 4


Mandy said...

It was nice meeting you at Blogher! Your boys are adorable. (We chatted in the hall and my son loves to knit...)

Elizabeth Bessel said...

It was great sitting with you in the blogging your art session. Hope you had a safe trip home! Love your blog and your boys are so beautiful!