Monday, August 02, 2010

My Swag

So, I usually make things in anticipation of a big event, we know this. I make things for my kids and their birthdays, my family members at Christmas, my beloved friends and their offspring. I figured that Blogher should be no exception and now when people ask me what my blog is about I can just show them.

Instead of posting about what I am going to wear (I mean, I already showed you the shoes) I am going to show you what I made. The first thing is a backpack bag.
blogher making

I know I hate purses; the bumping on the hip, the sliding off the shoulder. I know I love backpacks. But I might look a little weird in heels sporting a Jansport, you know? So I combined a few patterns I have tried to make an awesome Dia de las Muertas infused piece. It is a little slouchy, a lot expandable and came together with moderate hassle.
blogher making
I love the fact that I remembered to add a flat bottom as I will be fitting my SLR, a pair of Rainbows (because I figure I will wear those heels for about 15 minutes) and a bit of lip gloss and such. There is a giant front pocket to hold the myriad of cards I will collect. I like it. I also need to finish it because I did not remember to sew the cord into the side seams. Easily rectified... I think.
blogher making

And then, New York, August and humidity. I know these factors will combine in a way that by 3 p.m. I will look similar to Don King. I remember when I lived there and the hair frizz, boob sweat, and 'didn't I just shower?' feeling. So my concession to the hair is a Alabama hair band; comfy, wide enough to hold back some of the exponential hair bomb and pretty.
blogher making
blogher making
There is never anything wrong with stitching a little.

And my cards did come. I went with Moo, little chips. Cost and er, the importance, swayed me in this direction. They have a nice feature that allows you to upload from Flickr, choosing photos from your stream.

my mini cards
my mini cards

I like the, but there are a few that were cropped poorly. I swear it was not my error so I might have to speak with Moo about the printing. For the most part I am happy; I have something to palm and I have yet to detect any proofing errors. I struggled a bit to find words to describe me, but who doesn't?
blogher making

So, do you see anything that I missed? Laura? Please tell me I avoided profanity and spelled my blog correctly.

And last but not least....I am in the process of sharpening my rusty jeweling skills. It has been years since I have picked up the tools but my sister, an amazing jewelry designer, gifted me with a pile of pretty.

why not make jewelry...
I see a Superhero inspired necklace coming about from this....I need something to rotate as I rarely take off the one I do own right now.

Somehow, the making has made me feel much more like Myself. And after spending a good portion of the weekend cleaning up my work documentation and playing at the beach with the boys (By the way, three years olds and kite flying? A big challenge), I now can feel excited about the trip.

Who knows, I might even have a little Secret Mission planned for NYC. So, I'm off....almost.


K8 said...

I love the headband, and the little cards :) I use moo for my etsy shop, they're a nice size to slip into an order or your wallet. And they've usually pretty good about fixing a mistake

Claroux said...

The headband will come in handy. Although we are in a streak of relatively low humidity (for us - might still feel like hell to you) right now. I have been growing my hair out - mostly due to lack of time and money but I am seriously contemplating getting it all chopped off soon. I hate the plain old ponytail and am longing for an edgy change. Regardless...all I can say is YAY! Can't believe your trip is almost here!!!!

LauraC said...

HA! No typos.
I COVET the headband. I might have to break out my sewing machine for the first time in 20 years to make one for myself. Or a lot of them. I went uber short again and it lends itself to headbands.

Amethyst Moon said...

I love the cards and the headband rocks! Maybe I'll see you there.

I Saw You Dancing said...

You are a genius. I love it, all of it.

Molly said...

LOVE the headband. and I'm also madly in love with your cards.

Thank you for talking cameras and photo with me! I am SO buying a DSRL. Talking to you was crazy helpful.

Magpie said...

It was lovely to meet you.