Thursday, August 12, 2010


When I arrived home last night my boys were asleep. I crawled into the queen size bed that they share and studied their sleeping forms, laying in abandon in that sweet limp state. They had arms intertwined and heads on the same pillow and I sighed at the deliciousness. I breathed in the air of home and settled.

This week has brought about a profound change to my life and this cannot be denied. As a result this space is likely to change and move deeper into directions I have been shy of exploring. Shy of claiming. Shy of sharing.

I had left NYC in '98, 22 years old and ready to say goodbye. That City, she can be a bitch. I walked back into that same pulsing energy that is NY last Wednesday and felt almost crippled as I found that 22 year old woman/child/me on every familiar street, every corner store. I felt acutely invisible, bereft of my Tribe, swimming in a sea of a city where I had once lived as a long-term (and somewhat reluctant) visitor.

The first two days were hell in many ways and I thought about getting on the plane back home more than once. But I came through to the other side, just in time to truly embrace the opportunity that was being presented. The City, she can be a bitch but she can also be a generous queen, offering unlimited contact and richness of Life.

I am going to honor my time there with several posts over the next few days... not always about Blogher.... I promise.

This next bit is about Blogher 10 :: Day One.
That is the Bloggess' shapely foot...this is devotion)

I met a rock star and showered with her, met my friend Ry Pepper (her real freaking cool) and hung out in the bathroom and watched the Bloggess get her shoe licked (dude, people loooooove that woman. For good reason), met the Eden's Fantasies ladies who were planning a awesome sex session. It all sounds a little more raunchy that it was.

And then I ended the night at a small Brooklyn space called Vox Pop, listening to a woman play her lute while she graciously allowed me to take her portrait.

Here's the slideshow and the set link.

woman with lute

Upon reflection, I can say it was a good day.


Gen said...

Oh that all looks so fantastic. I can't wait to hear MORE.

LauraC said...

I can not wait to hear what you learned on the trip. I'm heading into 6 days in Chicago, 3 of them without my boys.

Lately I am feeling in a place of such gratitude so I will take this brief opportunity to say thank you for sharing Mondo with the world. I would never had the crazy idea to take it without reading your journey, and it has truly changed my life.

I was talking to Lesley from Barr Babies on the phone last week and she mentioned something about this crazy year. I said - well, you didn't know me before twins but this is how I used to be. And for the first time since kids, I feel like Laura again. Totally crazy but totally me.

So a huge heartfelt thank you.

bethy said...

Hi Aimee! You have a really beautiful site. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing, too. So glad we had the chance to meet and shake our booties last weekend!