Friday, August 13, 2010

Words ARE Power

I mentioned that I had an opportunity to meet Karen Walrond. She photoblogs at Chookooloonks and uses it for much more than photos. I first found her because of Andrea Scher from Superhero Journal. Andrea is my personal dreaming Muse, an example of a person dreaming in action and sharing it every step of the way. I love this group of blogging women for their ability to harness and share their energy and I find endless inspiration in their message.

When I realized Karen was at the conference I got a little giddy and nervous. She happened to be part of the Friday night Gala event, a interactive party with stations for people to participate in the art showing. I love stuff like that, when we as viewer are drawn deeper into the experience via sharing. Karen was writing messages on the arms and necks and hands of women and I slipped into line to wait.
Karen paints

I was not having a good day. Bad hangover + city dwelling + nerves = Not so great. There was a woman in line ahead of me and I remember thinking I have to talk to someone or I am going to start sobbing (thanks to the Keynote, I had already released the floodgates). I asked her if I could take her picture while Karen wrote on her and she was lovely and said yes.

Dana is Beautiful

Her name is Dana, I discovered she has twins plus two more and I know now she is my friend for life and that it was no accident that I turned to her. She blogs at FeastafterFamine and absolutely shone under Karen's hand.

this is joy
dana and karen

Then it was my turn and I got the hug I so desperately needed but when Karen asked me what I wanted on me I could only think....Shit, I am going to start crying. shit shit shit. Her energy is beyond and it was like a embrace from my mom and I could not find words.

Then she asked me what I like to do, what I am and I said .... "I make things". And that is what we went with. And by the last letter, I somehow felt better.

My turn
My turn

I had been telling people all day who had no idea what I do, where I blog, or who I am about my online space. I always just ended up saying, "Ah, I make a lot of stuff". Articulate, I know. But it was articulate when it was placed on my arm.

Rosie the Riveter

I did not stay much longer at the Gala. I grabbed a few more shots of the art and places that were set up so lovingly for us.

The Gala

Katie loves U2

Bloggess types

Kate makes her Magic

And then I scooted to the lobby to catch the train downtown. But before I was out I ran into Dana by the exit doors and we had a few more minutes to find that connection and acknowledge that we are part of the same tribe, I felt it click in my heart when the words " twins garden tribe cameras " tumbled out of both of our mouths.

And then I went back to my old neighborhood, my old apartment at 151 Ridge Street below Houston between B and C and I marveled at the gentrification of a place I once called home.

Ridge Street

Ridge Street

Me @ Ridge Street

But that, my friends, is a story for another day.

(Just realized my one week in NYC has given me fodder for weeks and weeks of blogs posts.... sweet).

P.S :: If you have time please follow the link to the Community Keynight blog posts. They are literally stunningly breathtakingly good.

P.P.S :: The full Flickr set is HERE for Blogher10 FRiday.


--V said...

Really enjoying all the pictures I've been seeing of the gala after the keynote. Susie and I went upstairs to get changed after the keynote and thereby missed most of the gala.

It was lovely meeting you and Dana and Ry at the Volstead. I wish we'd met sooner.

--V said...

Me again. I just realized I _did_ meet you earlier. In the bathroom at the People's Party. You and Ry both. *blush* My bad.

Dana said...

This was like honey and milk in a hot cup of tea - sweet deliciousness.

sweetsalty kate said...

This was so fabulous, all of it. Meeting you there, seeing you all painted up, and enjoying your expression of it all. xo

Goddess in Progress said...

So lovely.

I wish I had conserved my energy better that first day. I was so burned out that I did not have the mental energy to really enjoy and take in the gala.

ParisBreakfasts said...

So close and yet so far Amiee(sp)
I took more or less the same shot of Karen painting Dana.
Next time we'll meet and greet in person!

LauraC said...

Briefly since I am stealing time during lunch while working in Chicago.

LOVE the haircut.

Superficial? Yes! But you look fab.

Jess said...

Looks like an amazing trip. I'm beyond jealous. It sounds more like a family reunion for family who just hasn't met yet.

Jennifer said...

I think I'm going to babble so will send my comment via email instead.