Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Escape from Hades

What to do when temperatures reach past the triple digit mark and rocket past 110? Get the Hell out of Dodge.

We spent Saturday in Dana Point at our new favorite spot aptly called Baby Beach. Super sheltered and waveless, lots of grass and shade, ice cream and clean sand and blissfully cool ocean. It was the right place to be. Another plus ... I only saw about 4 moms with "Banging post-baby beach body", the rest looked human like me.

Of course, now it is Tuesday in our sweltering valleys and we skip from cooled car to library to school to home and avoid direct contact with the Sun. They say it is going to cool down but I am not sure I believe them.

Some of my favorite moments here ::

Baby beach :: Dana Point :: September 2010

*** Drip castles that were built and then smashed. At one point Mason declared them Cow Poop Castles.

*** Helicopter swinging the boys in and out of the sea then watching them lurch around in the shallow water.

*** Ice cream cones bigger than them. Watching Owen almost finish his without help.

*** Meeting my parents and enjoying fried chicken and Doritoes on the grass.

It is rare that I wish we lived closer to the sea but this week is the exception. Ugh.

And something almost as ridiculous as the temperatures...

I had to take a picture, it was just so weird. And they stayed there for hours. Without skin protection (Shudder).


Gen said...

Love the pictures! So gorgeous. Will be thinking of you when I touch down next week on the West Coast!

Kellee said...

LOL - If I were to run away whenever it went past 100, or even past 110 honestly, I'd spend 3 months away from home every summer! I know how miserabe that heat can be, believe me I am intimately aware. I'm glad you found a really lovely way to avoid it! :)

Sereknitty said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day! The pics are beautiful. While we'd be delighted to have slightly warmer weather, triple digits would do me in!