Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Another season passes by, I am left wondering when it happened. The Summer that was is now gone and I realize I should change my header from iris to fallen leaf ...
top of golden hills

I came home from work today early, no patients to be had, a slump of epic proportions hitting at just the wrong time. It was cloudy all day, the marine layer pressing into the Foothills, letting in just enough light to dispel gloom and give the hint of false Fall.

I played with the boys, read library books, juggled work and calls and then I felt antsy-itchy-had to get out of the house-ness. I felt like we all needed to come up for some air.

And so we did. Less than 5 minutes from our home, the Foothills sit. Always constant in their demeanor. Always gorgeous in their light. Always mine. I know them like my own hands, each curve and bend and dip, each pressing hill and rolling descent.
equinox hike

We used to walk there all the time, every week at least. Pushing the well-equipped stroller through dust and dirt or mud and bumps.
equinox hike

But it has been awhile. Too long. Long enough that the boys were apprehensive in the early dusk light that falls under the old oaks, asking repeatedly about bears. Little did they know that it is actually the mountain lion one should watch for up here. I didn't mention that. We did talk about oak trees and poison oak ... I tried to impress upon them the utter difference in the two but probably just saddled them with more apprehension.

It felt so good, so freeing to me. To be in that spot, push their combined weight up the hills, sweat, breathe, look up. We laughed about horse poop and they demanded that I be careful even when running down the hill; they really did not want the horse poop on their stroller.

And then I realized it was the Equinox. So fitting to come back to my backyard home now that Summer is passing. The unbearable heating will not totally ease for some time, the Santa Anas will sweep in this weekend to super heat and spark wildfires .. but we are almost there. Almost back to those easy cool meandering hikes in our place.

I know they will know these curves too. Already they are telling me "remember last year ('last year' is their term for anything in the past) when we were here". I plan on them remembering it more. Me too.

boys who hike


LauraC said...

Ah Santa Annas!! I remember feeling so unsettled during them. That's how I feel right now since our weather is still 15 degrees above normal.

So sorry to hear about the financial woes, never good.

Kellee said...

I really love this time of year. Transitions are always opportunities! :)

Claroux said...

what a gorgeous post to welcome Fall! I had to comment to share that whenever the girls refer to anything in the past they say "remember last morning....?" It cracks me up every time! *hugs*

Reckless Sarcasm said...

Beautiful post and beautiful photos. Sorry you're down.
Big hugs to you.