Monday, September 20, 2010

Stitch Stitch Stitch

Lately, I feel a bit like the only things I can accomplish are those of the simplest nature. Twisty complicated patterns have not called me for some time and I find myself most comfortable when the making I am making is centered around simple, clean, simple, small .... simple.

There is something about rounds of st-st that soothe the hand and mind without requiring conscious thought, conscious tracking or action. Those seem to be beyond me of late and so I keep turning to the simplest of knit stitches, stockinette in the round. In the last two weeks I have knit no less than three st-st hats for the upcoming cold weather. The first is soft and blue and was meant for a small head but grew and grew. So I then made sure to make the next two smaller and tighter and perfectly simply clean.
knit hats
And another is almost done, black and (okay, okay, i will stop with the s word) warm.

I think this is when the making of things pulls me through. Things have been rough in a new way; ends not meeting, trying to find time and space to not just survive but thrive and enjoy and worry less and think less and create more and clean ... oh, yes, that is being put on the priority list. The effort it all takes sometimes seems insurmountable. But then I take the time to let the st-st move through my fingers and I take the time to grab the camera for a few shots of recently finished knits worn by very reluctant models and I look at that ... the culmination of the making.

knit hat
knit hat

And I feel better. I think I need to listen to the knits though and keep it very simple.



Kellee said...

I can't tell you how much I can agree with this. I was working on a fair isle project and some spinning, but keep finding myself being drawn to a very simple garter stitch blanket I've been making as a Christmas gift. Just the simplicity of the only knitting, back and forth, and the progress that can be made with it... it's fulfilling somehow, even though it's very simple. :)

jillian said...

Sometimes I love stockinette in the round more than anything! So soothing.

Those hats are so cute. And I am sorry to hear that things are bumpy...I've there is ANYTHING I can do, please just ask!

K8 said...

I agree with you, sometimes the best knitting is the simple knitting - it gives your mind more freedom to wander. Which sometimes is just what you need.

Hugs to you - sounds like there alot going on!

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you guys, seems like it's just been a challenging time for all. I've been trying to fit a bit of the st-st in myself :)

Reckless Sarcasm said...

Sometimes there is freedom in the simplest things. That's all. :)

Anonymous said...

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