Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Month of Me :: Five/Six

Something you hope to do in your life.

I want to do this LIST. Maybe not everything on it will happen, but I imagine that many many things can and will. It is not a life list, rather it was generated during an online course that I took last January called Mondo Beyondo. It is about dreaming wild and free and believing in the potential and possibility of this Life we Live.


I made bold the things that have happened in the months since that list hit paper. Not a bad start. Especially during a challenging year that tried to beat the dream right outta' me. One anecdote in relation ...

On that list it says "Go to Bhutan as a volunteer PT for three months. Take the family too." I first heard of Bhutan through Michael J Fox in a TV documentary during which he goes on a search for Happiness. During the program I had this odd vision of the boys running down one of the ancient streets in long clothes, smiling with a full radiance and hugging a little girl. The vision and idea of Bhutan fascinated me so I googled around to learn more. I found DWB and their yearly program that sends a volunteer PT to Bhutan and I called them. This was Spring 2008. I added my name to a list of PTs that had showed interest. And then life kept moving on and the idea faded a bit until I wrote in down last January.

Forward to April 2010 and I receive an email from the coordinator of the Bhutan program. We talk and she tells me I am first on the list and they had a cancellation and is there any way I can go in September? Like, this September. And it is not three months, but four. Oddly enough, a few days before this I was thinking about Bhutan and how our Canada trip will be a great initiation to the boys for living life away from home.

I had to decline; we were on our way North, we would need to rent the house out for four months, raise airfare money for four. It made my heart break a little but we had to say no. And the coordinator told me that it was okay because the person next in line was all ready to go and was eager to take the position. And the she offered me the position for 2012 which I promptly accepted.

It is just a list. Words strung together from thoughts and fancies and wishes and Dreams.


It is so much more than just a List. It is a Life.

Which brings me to Number 6 ...

Something you hope you never have to do.

I hope I never have to give up my belief in Dreaming this life into being.
I hope I never forget the Power that resides in Dreaming.
I hope I never abandon the way the simple act of Dreaming can make Life so much more lovely.

Big Sur :: 4.10
Photo by Tim


LauraC said...

2012 - awesome!!!

I didn't realize until Mondo that I stopped dreaming the year after twins. It was just one doctor appointment after another with no sleep and no life.

PS. I had to do a triple take at Tim's picture because it looks like there is an Ewok between the trees.

Gen said...

You are so fierce my friend! 2012 how exciting and how close is that? To be able to gift something like that to your boys. Whoa. I mean really. It is going to be so deep rooted within them and get to carry that with them from such an early spot... Beyond words really.