Monday, October 04, 2010

A Month of Me :: Four

Something you have to forgive someone for.

100 cranes

This one was both hard and easy. I say that because I had to think really hard about the above prompt. And then it became easy when I realized there is no one out there that needs my forgiveness.

I don't think this is because I bring any less wrongs unto myself in my contacts with other people. Of course, I have been hurt or offended or felt insulted or misunderstood or judged over the years. I am not immune to these things. But I realized upon reflection that none of those things stick in my craw. I cannot pin point a person, a some one.

I think one thing I know how to do well is leave things behind. I might actually be a little too good at it and sometimes I establish too great a distance from the things that might harm. But I know that things that hurt that I hold too close and too long become a liability to my own happiness, my own ability to focus on the happenings of 'now'. And the folks that hurt do not always know that they do, do not look deep enough to know how to stop.

And if they do it on purpose, you better believe they ain't people I'd bother to be around again so what is there to forgive?

And so letting it go seems to have become a way of comfort. Which is just fine with me.

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