Wednesday, November 03, 2010

In Due Time

I've been taking pictures when I can. Pictures of people. Last month it was a boudoir session with two of my friends. That was fun and by the end we were giddy on wine and blushing a little bit upon review of the last pictures. Not many that I can post up here but this is one of my very favorite ones. The irony? It was a test shot and she has all her clothes on. Never know when you are going to get the right light.

But this month, oh, how happy I am with the pictures I took. They are the first time of have taken photos of a mama-to-be and her precious bebe. This is my sister in law Jeanette and we are all waiting for the day we get to meet her little one. She is so radiant and graceful, I marvel at this so late in her pregnancy. She is also holding up admirably well while their whole kitchen is gutted and rebuilt piece by piece, just mere days before her due date. That is a big WOW.

I love taking these photos. I want to do more. I am loving the idea of taking photos of scantily dressed ladies, then ones of lovely pregnant women. And I am wishing for more time to do just that.


Magpie said...

lovely photos. the light is great.

LauraC said...

Awesome photos!
(can not see the facebook one)

Did you know I did boudoir photos in Vegas??

This is me:

Only reason it is not linked on the blog is my grandma and dad read the blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much sis. The pictures are so beautiful. I love you so much. Thanks a million.

Em Natural said...

Completely Gorgeous! Great photos of the soon to be mama jeanette!
thank you for capturing such beautiful moments :)