Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Happy Halloween !

The boys did not don home made Mama costumes this year. There was no luxury of time for that. I did manage to squeeze in a quick sewing session to make caps for their respective chosen costumes. The Buzz was a hand-me-down from their Auntie Libby and cousins. The Spidey guy came for 1.59 from the thrift store.

Happy Halloween !
They spent the month in a frenzy of Creating ... at home, in school, avidly talking about spiders that live in our home and pumpkin pie that we still have to make.

They spent the actual day with their beloved neighbor girls ... all of them dressed and giddy and demanding the continuing of candy getting until all at once, they all decided they were done.
Happy Halloween !
Happy Halloween !

Owen even handed a piece back to the little old man and told him "No sanks, me no meed any more candy today."

We spent a good part of the night with good friends, I assumed candy passing to the hordes of children (literally hordes, think Disneyland-like lines) that come to the old town part of our city.

It felt good, right, fun, even though I feel more weary than I can ever remember.
Happy Halloween !

This month held a lame attempt at disclosure, a return to full time work, a law suit, a birthday and birthday party (dude, my best friend gifted me with 4 bras, all awesome and cute and told me to try harder. I love my best friend), a visit from their Gramma and Halloween. I am still reeling.

But I am so glad in the chaos we remembered to catch them as they move through yet another round of holiday love. And next year one of them is going to wear my brilliant (and as of yet un-made) costume idea. I swear it.

(One thing I am proud of, though, is that they are using their homemade cloth spider bags for candy gathering... a little nod to tradition and making).
Happy Halloween !

Now if only they would stop asking for the candy that I told them I threw away. Wink wink.


LauraC said...

When did they turn into boys?! They are so big!!

Dana said...

Those spider bags are awesome. Adorable boys. Happy Halloween. Here's wishing you peace and joy in the coming season.

Em Natural said...

best costumes ever! omg they are so precious, i just had my coworker at my desk oohhing and awing at how cute the boys are. Love you babe see you really soon!