Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let It Be

Sometimes life feels a little bit like a zoo with all the feedings, cleaning out the mucky pens, trying to keep all the animals happy.

Sometimes I feel a little too breathless and the attempts to practice yoga and eat right and juggle responsibilities approach overwhelming.

Sometimes nothing gets done right and opportunities are missed and it makes me feel sad.

But there is always a bright smile somewhere for me ...


And the reminder that sometimes letting go is just the right thing to do ...


Here is to finding a little freedom in the daily grind of it all.


Anonymous said...

love this post, amiee. i know just how you feel. and yes, letting go is so very liberating. and those smiles are all the payment in the world. xoxo

Dana said...

The repetitive cleaning of the muck is what really wears me down. Physically and mentally.
I'm glad you found the ability to let go.
Most days that gift eludes me.
Love that last photo!