Sunday, March 13, 2011

What to do.

I had a whole post on the garden written on Thursday but then Friday happened and it has made words stand still and not seem very important. The images that we have seen, that have been shown live as they happen have made some deep part still, in sadness and terror and shades of disbelief.

On Friday night an inane newscaster kept asking how many lost as Tim and I watched with horrified eyes as the wave of water swept into the land, watched what I now understand was just a small part of what was happening to so many. They ended the broadcast with a shot from the helicopter of a family waving a white sheet from the window as the water rose up to cover the whole first floor of their home. And there was nothing that we could do, silent and almost unwilling witness to this disaster.

Tomorrow there is something you can do. You can buy one of these ... photos.

Or donate as many have done ... in many ways

And maybe continue to hold a moment in your hearts and minds, pray if that works for you, send thoughts if that works better. They are going to need so much.

For those ...

I wish there was more to do.

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Erika said...

Thanks for the link love!

I agree.
I wish there was more.