Thursday, May 26, 2011

We interrupt this broadcast ...

Though I feel that I am infrequently here lately, I just wanted to direct you to my Mondo Beyondo site where I think I will be spending some quality time for a few weeks.

365 :: 144

Smoke Tree


This second round is doing good things for me and giving me the Uumph! I needed to feel a little more connected. Feel free to read along as it goes.

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Eva (from Luxembourg) said...

Hey... glad to see you're still ok. For some reason I 'forgot' to read your blog for 6 months. I still adore your pictures, the boys are getting cuter by the minute and you still sound so wise and still enjoy your 'blogging voice'. I promise not to stay away for another 6 months!
PS: That wine cabinet makes me want to start drinking wine hehehe. It looks gorgeous!