Thursday, April 05, 2007

Uh, more baby stuff, of course

I wish I had the babies to model the latest FO, my first tomten. Definitely not the last. As with all the EZ ideas, this one was both a pleasure and a bit of challenge to knit. I do love her organic instruction, but found a problem in my interpretation on this one. I own 2 EZ books, Knitting Workshop and Knitting Without Tears. I find I frequently use the Knitting Workshop, this is where I gleaned my instruction for the tomten. While ‘under construction’ I found that the proportions looked a little odd, recalled my 2nd book, and pulled it out. The instruction is much clearer in K w/o T, the numbers added up in a way that I assume (on my next tomten) will better resemble the tomtens displayed by the numerous lil’ cuties on some of the Zimmermaniac blogger sites. I hate ripping items, especially as my revelation came after I had picked up the 1st sleeve stitches…so I just knit on. I think the piece will fit a newbie for a bit…like a really new newbie. And then I might just hang it on a cute hanger on their wall until I have a friend who needs it. I love the elfin-ness of the pointed hood, so the photos reflect a little of the whimsy of the garden. The yarns used are: Lion Brand 100% Organic cotton and Cascade yarns Pima Tencel in 7478. I included the color # because it is the most brilliant and delicious red, think shiny candy apples with that hard cinnamon coating. Yummy. The organic cotton is nice and feels durable and….well, organic. I want to cast on for another, in the 1-2 year old range, with another shade of the organic cotton with the same red edging. The pompom was my fill-in for lack of button/toggle, plus Martha did a segment on pompom bunnies that inspired me. And it allowed me to use more deee-licious red.

Another little bit is more booties, I have sock yarn that was just sitting, so between hoodies I cast on this little ditty…I lurve these booties. Quick and cute, resembling moon boots in an odd way due to the bumpy sides. I thought argyle for the instep but went with simple stripes instead. One down, three to go. I am at the start of Hoodie 2, Hoodie 1 posted on here. This color just gleams; I am desperately in love with this yarn and think I may need to use it in a ‘grown-up’ piece once baby knitting peeters out.

Just a thought…memes crop up all over the posts/pages but I thought it might be cool to hear from other pregnant women on the subject of 5 Weird Things About My Pregnancy. Here is mine. If you are reading this and preggers, consider yourself tagged.

5 Weird Things About My Pregnancy

1. I do not have cravings. I do not want sweet, salty, pickly or otherwise. It just never materialized and I am almost done, still waiting…

2. I am having twins…this is not as weird now, but as first pregnancies go, it was weird when we found out. I don’t know why we were so shocked (they are natural twins) because my husband has 5 or so sets of twins in his genetic line, but still….twins!?!

3. None of the body stuff has freaked me out (yet). I thought it would be harder to be pregnant, I’ve heard some women complain of feeling as if their body has been hijacked. These feelings have not materialized, I just feel cool to be a huge human incubator (though it is wearing a little thin now.) The one weird body thing is my night sweats…I get them only in my boob area. I’ll wake soaked from neck to boob crease, but no other place. Anyone else? Didn’t think so.

4. I have been using hypnosis to get me through the bed rest/pre-term labor stuff. It is a program called Hypnobabies and for 45 minutes each day, I practice deep hypnosis that focuses on relaxation and preparation for birth. I have a feeling we may be looking at a C-section because of the beans’ position (the program advocates natural drug-free when possible) but in itself, the sessions calm me and give me a place full of peace and rest that I might have cracked without.

5. I wear very little maternity clothes. There are a few reasons for this. A) I do not leave the house a lot and B) loooong t-shirts and yoga pant were a staple pre-preggers. I find this ensemble most comforting. I do wish I could have modeled more of the adorable clothes one views in the multiple mags stocked at the OB’s office. Maybe next time…..j/k.

So, not terribly weird, but possibly interesting to other preggers. On yet another note, I had to include a few more backyard pictures. Spring does have its shining moments here in SoCal and I was struck by the lush foliage that is proliferating in our yard. We try to maintain a low care, native based plant population, with some exotic exceptions because my mom cannot resist plants…this is the joyful scene I encountered upon venturing out of my hole. So lovely. She explained that our dire lack of water this season actually seems to have helped certain plants/trees, the trumpet tree is pinker, the chinaberry more retrained in its canopy. I love it all. Cheers to green beauty.


Julia (MindofWinter) said...

The tomten is adorable. I hope that I take to pregnancy the way you seem to - I fear I may fall into the "hijacked" camp. Those babies look low - hold them in - April 15 or bust!

EvaLux said...

Blogger's being bad and not showing me the pics of the knits :)

The other pics are pretty of course, but I am really curious to see the red you're talking about LOL.

Cheers Eva

Knittiana! said...

I think it is so beautiful how positive you are about your pregnancy! I am 5 months now and enjoy this very much, there are almost no complaints.
Well, keep up the knitting and the nice positive outlook!
(Email me if you want my 5 odd things about my pregnancy...)

Anonymous said...

I have the boob crease sweating too.
Also no cravings (when I was sick, I just didn't want to eat anything).

I don't feel hijacked, just frustrated that I can't do anything. I've always been very active, so having to sit and rest all the time and not be able to take long walks, or do my job, is very frustrating.

Emily said...

Good luck! I'm wishing you an awesomely relaxed and easy labor.

Love the tomten, too!