Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I thought I would try to compose a post with some knitting content, but there is a pitifully small amount to post in this category, somehow time just rarely permits the luxury of casting on for projects that I dream of. I did get the chance to shop a bit at Loopy, a little knitting store in the village where we stayed. Tahoe was a wonderful break,
but not a respite, not with two babies. They are always very well-behaved when we drop in/out of stores and it was no exception on this trip. The shop itself was charming and well stocked and I found some lovely Malabrigo to knit the So Called Scarf as inspired by Jane over at Yarnstorm (a storm of interesting dialogue surrounds her current publication, but that is a whole different post. Sufficed to say, her book on the domestic arts has sparked some controversy across the pond....I cannot wait to get my hands on it.)(Really, domestic arts can spark controversy? Huh.) Anyway, the Malabrigo is a very pleasing colorway of chocolatey browns and some pretty blue tossed in. I am loving the simplicity of the pattern and the quickness of the progress, a must these days to keep me encouraged to move on with things.

The picture of Tim and Mason features their wonderful faces (isn't it always a pleasure to see a Daddy with his little one(s). But if you peek towards his head, you can make out his Shedir. I cast on not too long before our trip and was pleasantly surprised with myself when I cast off right before we hopped in the Subi for the night ride up to Tahoe (no knitting done because it was dark, but some sleeping ensued). I am completely enamoured of the Shedir pattern and plan on making the Beans a set of their own so we can model them in our Christmas pictures...if I can find mine. I hate misplacing important hand knitted pieces...but I am hoping it pops up as we are having a 'cold' spell of weather in the 70s. Brrr.

And of course, to round out all that exciting knitting content, I must add the latest pictures of the boys at play. They basically live on their stomachs now, rolling and squinching up their legs, flipping themselves over unexpectedly and getting tangled up in chair legs or backed up against walls. No real crawling, but plenty of movement (from which always huge amounts of baby barf ensue, which require constant clean up. Ugh). They are keeping us running, and therefore, much too busy to finish, much less start all those knits that live in my head.

Lately I have spent a good portion of computer time reading up on all the blogs I love and lately the writing has been amazing. My favorite Momma Rae has some amazing insights into her life and times....there is Yarnstorm, the blog I mentioned earlier...well, so very many. This post was really endearingly beautiful as a show of sisterhood and love, read it if you get a moment...and Ava, if you are reading, I just finally got into the Manos I bought from you way back when Destash was still around. Well, got into it then frogged it, but it gave me some great ideas, just knitting the bit I did with it. Happy Bday, your sis said it so well.

Not much else to report. Think I will go back to reading for awhile. Cheers, all.


Eva said...

hehehe... destash is still around... it is just called a bit differently and has moved house :)

Gorgeous pictures as usual :)

Cheers Eva

gleek said...

wow the boys are really active! thankfully the peanut has been very stationary :) she hates to roll and be on her stomach so i think that i have some time before i have to baby proof!

Bea said...

Wow, I can't believe they are rolling over already! I'm sure you've heard it before, but get ready to childproof :) They are getting SO big! I love the Shedir you knit hubby, I really want to make one of my own one of these days! And I love the Malabrigo for the scarf, it will be so soft and yummy when it's done.

Lola and Ava said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Ironically, I still have the poncho that I knit with the Manos (what the hell was I thinking all the way around on that one?) and have yet to frog it.

Everytime I see a My So Called Scarf, I think that I need to knit that, but right now Ariann is getting all my attention.

The boys are so damn cute! Aren't they fun when they start holding their little heads up and moving. Veronica always viewed her sister as a plaything or equipment. I'll have to upload some video of her bouncing on Betty.

Just joined the new Destash. Stupid Wordpress though did away with my account for Rockin' Sock Club . . . just as well since I rarely post there.

Rae said...

Oh boy. Action is unbelievably cute, and life will never be the same. But it's okay, cuz you won't remember the way it was before!

Thanks for the linky love, I've been incredibly behind on reading blogs lately, so I didn't even hear your shout out! And I love seeing what you're knitting. It's beautiful.

Gabrielle said...

Ooh, lovely knitting and such precious photos of the boys. I loved the rolling stage when Thomas could move, but not too far. Now I turn away for a second and he's crawled up the hall and into the shower (it is a source of untold fascination for him - luckily he can't reach the taps yet!). Thanks for the links too - I honestly spent a whole afternoon reading journeymama's blog - such inspiring writing - interrupted only when Thomas woke up again (must go back and leave a comment now!)

Sereknitty said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your blog and see the wonderful photos of your boys! Hubby's hat looks really good, too!

Katie said...

I just bought the same Malabrigo for the same scarf!!! Great minds and all that... No doubt you will get yours done first as I already have four WIPS that are getting only teeny bits of love.

The boys are adorable as always!