Thursday, October 11, 2007


just trying out a flickr tool for photos. we spent last weekend at lake tahoe with my mom and the beans. first trip there, intended to let daddy ride his downhill trails before winter set in. of course, winter came a little early in the form of a quick october storm that was over before we arrived, but left snow and chilly temps. it was cozy though, and by sunday the days was blue and beautiful. it felt really good to get up and go, tahoe is one of our favorite california gems. we even found a yarn store in the village of northstar at tahoe. had to pick up a little yummy malabrigo (sorry, no pictures yet) for the so-called scarf. what do you think of the boys' knitted jeans (from last minute knitted gifts)? they seem to like them. i apologize to all the knitters reading for the unsightly unfinished crotch area on owen's jeans, mama just did not get around to proper finishing. smiles to all. prolonged periods of silence here just tend to mean things are too wild to post, but i am reading ya'll and loving living vicariously through your crafting and lives. smiles.


gleek said...

wow, the pants are super cute. i need to make some of those!

skhpottery said...

I love the horns!!

Sereknitty said...

The pants and hats are adorable! Looks like you had a great trip to Tahoe

Eva said...

Super cute photos with super cute babies!!!
And boy, your Mama looks way to young to have adult children and grand children!!!

Cheers Eva

Anonymous said...

so that's where you have been!

Katie said...

hello!! It's been a while since I said hi. As it would happen - I just saw your post when I woke up this morning AND I'm just came back from a weekend in the Tahoe area. I'm on my way back to Boston tonight (so sad to be leaving the west coast again!). Hopefully we'll have a weekend where our trips overlap!

The knitting looks great! love the pants, and shedir, and the scarf from your next post!

Have a great day :)