Sunday, April 06, 2008

30 Days :: Twelve

unfocused cuteness

Here is the thing, with this camera my son is not in focus but the messy background is. Arggg. But, oh, how I love this shot. He seems so delicate, elf like almost and it reminds me of his early days when he seemed otherworldly.

I remember it was about one year ago to the day that I was struggling to finish this knit, working on deciphering the cryptic instructions that Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns can be, then setting it aside to wait for my babies to be born. Th neckline is unfinished, very 80s, the sleeves are waaaaay too long (I seem to be under the impression that small children have monkey-like arm proportions) and I was convinced it would not fit them forever. I tried it on a whim today, I love it. I want to make another stat. Just in time for the 100 degree temperatures to set in. Perfect.

Knitting has been a bit absent of late; productivity is on the wane due to fatigue, imbalance, some deeply seated wiggles in me...and I read a great post that reminded me gently that balance does not always entail getting as much crafting as humanly possible into my days, but rather finding the healthy approach to it all. I love creating, I love exploring all the nuances of my knitting, but I have to remember the other daily tasks of sweeping and cooking and walking with the boys in the stroller all have as much merit and satisfaction.

So, onward to a week that I hope will be filled with lovely moments that can be captured....SLR or not. (sigh)

A little note : I almost feel guilty for posting two pictures of Mason in a row (ah, the life of a twin Mama, guilt inherit in all actions that involve them) but click here for the Owen shot of the day. I call it Baby Bobble Head.


Dawn said...

I'm loving all the pictures! I do that too...count how many of each boy I've put in a frame, on the website, etc. Forest is our elfin child and also came in like that from the beginning. I often find that Forest seems to have a lot of similarities to Mason and Logan to Owen.

gleek said...

i find it hard to find time to knit with just one baby! i can only imagine how doubly hard it is with two. i'm sure you miss it but you've got other ways to keep you sane (playgroups and walking) so it sounds like you'll be ok.. then one day, you'll have the time again!

Bea said...

Awwww, they are so cute! I love Mason's smile and his Flashdance impersonation, and Owen's wispy blond hair and the look on his face! I hope you get your camera lens fixed soon! I'm sure you probably checked, but on my Canon, there is a little switch on the left side close to where the lens fits to the body that switches from manual to automatic focus, maybe it's on manual and that's why it won't focus on anything?

Sereknitty said...

I clicked over to see Owen's pic of the day and fell in love with that sweet little mouth with the lovely full lips .. your boys are gorgeous! I'm enjoying your 30 day montage.