Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Craft Tuesday : Needled

A few months ago I became obsessed with French knots. I was finding any excuse to use them, and then I found the ultimate French knot project. I remembered a post from Posie gets Cozy on her embroidered pillowcases and one had the initial A in French knots. I swore I would one day have one. Well, not the pillowcase, just the initial.
m for mason

I did this M a few weeks back and there is a linen square with an O waiting on me. I am not sure where I am going from here. I really loved the little quilts from Jcasa and I am thinking along those lines. We will see.
m for mason

These squares were just cut up to become an eye catching treat for some little newbie out there.
cut up

The finished product should resemble these, hopefully with better stuffing. This sounds silly, but I find stuffing challenging. Any tips would be welcomed. I am looking into getting a natural substitute stuffing called Kapok. I told my mom about it and she informed me that most beds/mattresses in Indo are stuffed with Kapok. It must be my heritage calling me to seek out these things.

And I have to add news on the boys because I am very in love with them right now. They are growing and changing at a crazy pace and we find a new thing out all the time. Mason is a parrot, constantly repeating words after us and making sounds that resemble whatever he is playing with (moo-ing and vrooming are his favorite).

Owen is really into furniture moving and pointing and is starting to get that frustrated squeal when he wants something and I am not accurate at guessing. They both have finally embraced drinking from non-bottles when it is not milk. Mason uses the sippy cup, but O loves the straw and will only drink from that. They both started going down the baby slides by themselves, sometimes in very weird positions.
backyard playtime

We have 2 upper molars in on the Mace (found them at bedtime today. Maybe this means a cease fire in the 4/5 a.m. wake category). And naps are what they are. I am letting go and letting god for a few days. The Aussies have a saying, "She'll be right, " I have it on a wood plaque that I brought home. I am gonna' adopt that wisdom in the nap category right now. Heck, we are having a lot of fun while they are awake, so, folks,any troubles you have, remember..."She'll be right."
bubbles with grandpa


Goddess in Progress said...

Those knots are gorgeous! I've never tried it, but I can only begin to imagine how much time that would take. Wow. And love the pics of the boys, so cute!

Sereknitty said...

The 'bubble' pics with grandpa are so sweet!

I love initials, in any shape or form ... yours look fabulous!