Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Graduate

I was there when he was born. 15 and waiting on this new brother. I was the one to help measure his weight and length., I vividly recall the nurse asking me to pull his fragile baby leg in order to get a correct recording of his length. I remember being so afraid I would break him.

Yesterday I was there when he walked down the gym aisle to graduate from high school. There with my husband and young sons as witness to this momentous event, the first of many more to come as he moves into his adult life.
the guys walking

My brother is such a stellar young man. In a day that fosters discontent and abandon, he is a young man of strength and focus and the quicksilver smile that lights others’ hearts when they see him coming.

I have watched him grow and change and stand here in disbelief at the fact that he is done with this chapter. Moving out and on, soon to be north of us, experiencing the joy and challenges of college and life outside of his bubble of the now.

What an honor, to watch this young man. His companion through high school has always been Liz.
the grads

My Mace has been in love with her since he could see straight. Though now it appears that he cannot see straight when she comes over, he literally walks into walls when she is around. Another example of youth in this day that can be right and well and healthy. A beautiful young woman with a lovely person and the quicksilver smile that lights others’ hearts when they see her coming. Especially my Macies’. I told Ricky he better be careful, in a few years I thing mace might make a move on that lady.

I am so proud to know these two and wish them all the joy and love and freedom that comes with this transition. I love not living in isolation of these things. To be witness is so powerful. A powerful reminder of how quickly we move through time. How deceiving those four a.m. wake ups can be. Mine will someday walk the aisle of some school, to be released into a world of change and flux and not mine. I find it difficult to do with this young man I call brother. I find it difficult only because it was yesterday that I pulled out that fragile leg to record his coming into this world. And now he towers over me and walks down one of many paths that will not be directly parallel to my own.

the brothers

Little and Big Brothers

I love you Ricky. Your big sister loves you very, very much. I wish you the best of a full life, of the challenges and crossroads that come when you step out of your zone. And I want you to know there will always be a place for you to sleep here at home. Kisses, Little brother. And congratulations.

Tim says thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes...he really felt special. You are all such great people.

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Sereknitty said...

What a handsome bunch ... a lovely tribute to your little bro ... Congratulations on his graduation!