Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Approach of the Olympics

So, I spoke of a fever of gifting giving/making. In said fever I forgot to take photographic evidence of one of the gifts. I am going to have to go mug the 8 year old sweetie that received a child sized version of the Charming Handbag in order to get a shot. Not really, but she is off to Hawaii this week, so pictures will wait.

What is up with my gifts jetting around the world (much more than I am)? Jealous. I do love the bag I assembled. It has a bit of sweet embroidery and is just the right size for a little bit of whatever an 8 year old would carry around. The best part was when she ran to her Mama and told her I had made her gift....from scratch. That is such a nice feeling.

The next gift for another little one, turning 2, is sitting in a state of almost finished-ness. An awesome sewing session while listening to Mason Jennings last night produced another kimono...this one for a girl. I love the sewing for girls. No pictures yet, but it will not escape the house without leaving an impression in my digital camera. Promise.

So what do I have some photos of, you might ask? Well, I have been gearing up to cast on for the Knitting Olympics. Yeah, I know, I am participating in an activity that can be seen as slightly crazy by any outside eye. But it is sooo exciting. To have the challenge and the possibility of Knitting Gold.

And it is the perfect way to justify all the hours of television I will be immersed in come 8-8-08. I actually am a little nervous as I have decided to try to accomplish completion in two events: one wedding shawl and one knitted cap (respectively for the bride and groom). This yarn is for Jared's Turn A Square hat.
turn a square yarn
Watch out, this girl thinks she can be all over the Games.

So, as practice for the non-stop knitting coming up, well, I had to cast on for a totally unrelated project. This bright little number is on its way to becoming another vest, heavily modified from the same Oz Vest pattern, using stash yarns. I am in love already.
The green yarn is from Sarah at Blue Garter, I won a prize from her last year and it languished in the stash, calling, but I could not find the right use. Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere, lovely stuff. The blue is leftover denim yarn. Methinks there may be some color bleeding with washing, so I just will not wash them. It is not like the boys are going to get them dirty or spill/wipe anything on them. Ever. I do have enough for two, so I plan on getting as far as possible and putting it down on Friday.

I am taking this opportunity to practice the jog-less jog that Jared recommends. It did not go so well initially. This may be in part because I am practicing the jog-less jog from memory, despite having the instructions on my laptop. I was knitting fiendishly during their nap today and felt I could not stop to look it up. Because who knows when one will wake and need me?
jogless jog?
So, I tried this and that, left the wonky attempts and knit on, folks, power knit on. And, of course, they slept for three hours. I actually put down the knitting and went to eat. This never ever happens. So, I totally could have looked up the proper way. But at least I am getting practise. And no one really looks at seams except other knitters. So, I am not worried.

Anyway, back to the three hour nap. Yay for that. Except they woke up a bit happy for a spell, then not really very happy at all after a spell. My changeling children are going through something. With O I know it is his bottom molar. Macie...well, I think he is a bit wild. That is the best description I have for my brilliant and occasionally feral child. Who I think is teething again despite having all four molars in. (Gallic shoulder shrug). What are you gonna' do?

Knit. Knit, I say. And looks at some cute pictures of the boys at play with their awesome Humboldt Redwood Blocks.



And Macie in his waay too big Chuck Taylors that he would not take off.
I love these kids.
Loving his Chuck Taylors

I almost forgot to mention. Tim and I are going to be away for a night this weekend. Off to Palm Desert with friends, sans babies. First time. Excited and a little nervous. And looking forward to knitting all Sunday morning.


Sarah-potterknitter said...

Don't you wish they'd warn you before those long naps!
There is so much more that could be done if I wasn't ready at any minute for the wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Ravelympics! Cute project! OMG, the boys and those shoes - the cuteness!!

I bought The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food. So, we can talk soon! :)

Sarah / Blue Garter said...

Oz vests - how adorable! They'll suit your gorgeous boys just fine, I know. Glad the green yarn is able to help! :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

awesome shoes! great pics!