Friday, April 17, 2009

Crafting In Order

This week was a nice week for crafting completion. There were a few projects started that I wanted to focus on finishing, there were a few new ideas that sprung forth spontaneously.

I had a great time with the birthday banner though it was a bit labor intensive. First, I gathered my favorite pieces of fabric from the stash. I love the idea of using some cherished pieces and incorporating inherited bits and using them in a fashion that allowed for display. I particularly love this Marimekko scrap from the box of de-stash I scored from the lovely Jennifer at JC Handmade.

Loved it so much I used it for five or so pennants.

Once I had my pieces I cut them into triangles, used a light linen blend in a shocking blue for the back,

sewed them and turned them, ironed on the felt letters and used a 99 cent spool of ribbon to join them.

I love the slight overlap in the pennants, it kept the banner from becoming too long.

The birthday banner is going to become a tradition, used for each person as their special day comes around. With our huge family, that will be quite often so I am totally pleased that I finally cut precious pieces to be included. The personalized banner with O and M's name is just waiting for its uniting ribbon.

I hung the banner to get an idea of the fit and it was up when the boys finished their nap.

I get the greatest feeling when they find delight, and, oh my, were they delighted. It seems like I am batting a thousand with the making for them.

The hats rarely come off their heads, now the banner might actually magically teach them to read. Or at least help them realize the significance of their special day.

The other project is a bit egocentric, but I saw some of the cutest birthday crowns lately and really wanted to finish off the whole hat making theme with a set for the boys.

They could not be simpler, just some felt, blanket stitch and elastic hidden by fabric. I am planning on adding an initial to the front, but will hold off on any bling. Tim is already fed up with the whole tutu thing. Better not push my luck.


I might run of out hat mojo here as the test fit on the boys did not go well. Might have been the felt, or the totally large and ostentatious presence a crown has when you barely reach 2.5 feet. If I can just get them on when the cake/open flame time comes, well I will be happy. With our family luck, I can foresee the boys flinging them at the burning candles and the eco-friendly post consumer waste felt going up in petro flames. If this does happen, I promise I will get it in a picture.

And the last was really more of a deconstruction. Years ago I knitted a Veronik Avery pattern, a lace pattern tank.

It was a miserable failure, wider than long, too much lace panel reveal, the only fail I have ever knitted from this woman. I put it away (for years) not sure why, it was not like I was hoping to grow as wide as I am tall (short?). But I pulled it out the other day, tried it on one last time and set to frogging. It is the same yarn I used for the sweet little faerie dress. And now that I know that I have a use for the yarn (you know, to make more sweet little faerie dresses for you mamas with pretty girls) it gave me the impetus to clip seams and get to pulling out the yarn.

And it was the first time I used the knitty knoddy I had Tim craft for me some time ago.

Knitty knoddy, you ask? Google it. Sure is fun to say and use also.

So, I feel a little adrift, having finished the majority of handmades for their birthday. There still is the pinata to look forward to making, ever do that with your Mom when you were little? We did every year. I was thinking of a truck or other moving vehicle, but then in a search I found the brilliant idea of making a pinata rock. Just a big ol' rock for them to smash to bits. Because they just smash it, you know? So, a rock it is.

I guess I could just sit down and stitch on my 'Bama skirt a bit. Or make one of these. I already have the perfect fabric in my stash (remember the white and green fabric you doled out, Lori? How good, right?). And I want one really bad after the dress success.

And I have to clean. Oh, I have to clean. That has been sorely neglected in light of all the working and crafting and, uh, ignoring. So I guess I should go do that. Ugh.

Have a good weekend, all. And if anyone has a good reference for where to find heirloom melon seeds, I am looking. Gotta' get the garden going now that the raised beds are done. Pictures to come.

(Patricia, there a few pictures of the invite up with a few notes if you would like to see more).


Katie said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love the banner & crowns!

Goddess in Progress said...

Love love love the birthday banner! Well, who am I kidding, I love it all. :-)

Lola and Ava said...

That banner is adorable and something that the boys can look forward to year after year. It's the little traditions that mean more to the kids than they do to us, and I have a feeling that this one will mean a lot to them as they grow.

lori z said...

the banner is quite cute.

the pullover shirt from weekend sewing would work with that fabric too.

Preeti said...

That banner is fantastic and what a perfect way to use all the precious stashed fabric!!

Bon said...

laughing my ass off, b/c it was birthday weekend for us here this weekend and i was beyond proud that i made a cake from scratch. dear god.

you amaze me. and that banner? i LOVE it.

Em Natural said...

Love it love it love it! It makes me just want to teleport down there and help with the festivities! Seems like with our family the banner is going to be heavily used in April and May!
Love you soo soo much you miracle worker of all things crafty! | Envelope Printing said...

That looks absolutely fantastic! The birthday banner is a labor of love. those crowns are really cute too, fit for royalty!