Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Making Wonderland

October has long been my favorite month. It holds Halloween, a holiday that makes me giddy. It holds my birthday, an event that seems to be coming much too frequently lately. And this year it holds a special family wedding, that of my brother Alon and his lovely wife to be Jeanette.

Our family weddings have been serious fun and very little stress in the past and this one is shaping up to be much the same. For months my Mama and J have been working on the living favors and centerpieces made from succulents, her dress is being crafted by one of the coolest women I have ever met and I have been adding my own bit with a knit for her and some pants for the boys.
Wedding Shawl Progress

Yes, the boys are pulling their first stint as ring bearers.
Ring Bearer Pants

I am not sure how they will do, especially because their parents are going to be behind the cameras for this one….but I think at least they are going to look awfully cute.

I realized when I started trolling the net that cute semi-formal clothes for toddlers are very hard to find. Especially if you are looking for dark brown semi-formal pants, not the standard black. I actually never did find anything in the right color (lots of khaki, but no dark brown). So, I decided to see about making up a few pairs with the approval of the bride. J is the most casual of brides, stressed about certain factors but not at all worried about appearances. I located a pattern I have wanted to try for a long time, this one from Oliver + S.

Then I used my 50% off coupon on some nice bottom weight fabric from JoAnn’s and tried my hand at sewing real pants.
Made in a few hours

I think these have to be the cutest pattern I have sewn to date. I have read many times about Olive + S, every report a positive one. I knew from the minute I held the carefully packaged pattern that this was going to be fun. The sewing instruction is clear and easy to follow, the pattern pieces are easy to identify and it is actually turns out to be a very simple way to sew a great pair of pants. I had a great experience sewing both pairs of pants, you know it is a good pattern when it still feels fun the second time . I initially balked at the price, but now that I own it, I see the value in the investment.

A few notes on modifications. First, I converted the pattern from capri to pant style by extending the leg a few inches on my traced pattern piece. It turned out to create a nice leg width, no too tight, not too 70s bell bottoms.
Ring Bearer Pants
Ring Bearer Pants

On sizing, well, I am starting to realize my boys run small. Really small. I made the 24 months pattern and followed the instructions to the letter on the first pair. The back is conveniently elasticized, the measurement called for in the pattern is 9.5 inches of elastic to draw in the waistband. I used 9.5 but ended up ripping out the back seam and pulling almost 2 inches off the back elastic.

For the second pair, I placed a safety pin at each end of the elastic and then pulled the elastic through the casing.

I fit the pants on the boy (Owen this time) prior to sewing the elastic in. It saved a step of ripping and readjusting. I cannot say if the pattern runs big or if it I just that my boys are a bit on the wee side. Maybe a little of both.

The waistband is a super clever idea, the front placket buttons to the sides.

Ring Bearer Pants
Ring Bearer Pants
Ring Bearer Pants

Right now I am waiting on the executive decision by J for owl vs. plain buttons, but otherwise the pants are done. Three weeks before the wedding. Whew. I feel great relief knowing the small details can be done in a few minutes.

Ring Bearer Pants

Now, off to finish her wedding shawlette and find the boys some cream colored shirts and then I am all signed off. Except for the pictures.

I am so nervous about the pictures. Tell me it will be alright and I will shoot great photos, won’t you, dear friends? Here is a little peek at her dress fitting last week, made by her awesome friend Ramona.
Dress Fitting

Raw silk and handmade love, there is no better way to walk down the aisle.

I am excited about the bachelorette party this weekend, seaside with good friends. Yippee. Don't expect any shenanigans pictures, J is waay too low key for that. Or is she? Hmmmmm.

And for those that might be interested, total cost on the pants is 30 dollars, 20 for the pattern with shipping, 10 on the fabric with coupon (2 yds@5 bucks a yard). And about two hours per pair of pants sewing time. Not bad considering pants on JCP online shop were 25 a pop). (And the pattern just keeps on giving).


LauraC said...

Your pictures are going to be GORGEOUS! I'm sure when they see them they will shout "I DIE."

(Let me tell you what a kick I got hearing Rachel Zoe complain about her vertigo while on my little bed rest yesterday recovering from skin cancer biopsy! ha!)

Do not stress, you are uber talented with a wonderful eye. I think your photos are special because you find the little details and emphasize them.

(Also my boys are tiny too, what is up with marrying someone 6'4" and birthing shrimps? They still easily fit into last fall's clothing as I learned this week.)

Janna said...

The bride's dress is SO GORGEOUS! And those pants are perfect. Oh, I wish I could sew!

And of course your photos will be wonderful - they always are! :)

Goddess in Progress said...

I think you're awesome for making those pants, and they look great!

I have no doubt that you'll do an awesome job photographing the wedding. I love your shots, and they'll be all that much better because of how well you know and love the bride & groom. Have a blast!

Sally said...

I was just eyeing that pattern yesterday and wondering if it was worth the cost. You may have inspired me to go ahead and buy it. Those pants turned out very cute!

ana said...

wow! that dress is going to be gorgeous. i can't wait to see mace and owie in their ring bearer debut!

jillian said...

Of course your pictures are going to be fantastic! No worries.

Those pants are too cute, and of, that dress, gorgeous.

Preeti said...

You are going to take the best pictures because you have such an amazing eye in catching raw emotion and love. Can't wait to see a few if you post them here:) The the pockets. They've turned out so cute and the boys are going to look adorable in them! Enjoy the party shenanigans or not;)

Katie said...

Your pictures are always great, and so is that wedding dress! Of course, the pants look great too, you're really inspiring me to do some more serious sewing.

My sister, brother and I were in my aunt's wedding long ago, and my mom made our dresses, and my brother's cummerbund and vest. It's another special thing that your boys will have to remember when they look at pictures {that you'll have taken!} from the wedding day.

Disentangled said...

I'm knitting up that pattern right now as well :)

Jennie said...

The pants looks great! Is it bad to ask for Oliver + S patterns for Christmas gifts for my children (even though they are more for me)?

gleek said...

what a beautiful dress!! and i love those pants you made for the boys. i do not know where you find the time :)

Maggie May said...

oh God so CUTE!!!

your photos will ring with life.

Sereknitty said...

Those pants turned out so cute -- they're just perfect. I love how the whole family is contributing in their own way to make this wedding happen -- so precious!

Liesl said...

I'm so glad you're happy with the pattern! I always have to shorten the elastic for my daughter, too. Best wishes with the wedding photography!

Em Natural said...

Those pants are soooo great!! And i can't wait to see that dress in person.
love you, keep inspiring me you lovely lady!

varenia said...

those pants are super-cute! I love the way you lengthened them, too. I just made my first pair of Oliver + S pants for my 6 year old son (the sandbox pants) and I have to think the patterns run pretty large. My son is average, or slim to average, but I made sure to measure him before cutting and he fit well into what the pattern claims should fit a size 6. But they were HUGE on him! I also had to cut out several inches of the elastic back, and about 3 or 4 inches off the length. So I will definitely size down next time, but I love their patterns, so I think this one may be next! Thank you so much for sharing!

And that wedding dress is to die for! :)

urban craft said...

These pants are wonderful. I have been having a hard time finding cool patterns for boys clothes. I am inspired to make little pants for my skinny boy. Aren't those 50% off coupons from JoAnns awesome!

Anonymous said...

yes, the Oliver+S patterns seem to run big, which I don't mind, as I have a tall/thin boy!