Monday, October 05, 2009

Oh, the Possibilities

The cool air has settled over our little piece of land and it is breathing energy and dreams and ideas deep into my soul. Summer burned out some of that energy, these gentle temperatures hovering just below 70 are bringing it all back. I feel excited and happy and I cannot stop thinking about all the things I want to do, all the projects and plans and secrets that just might happen.
Fall Flowers

So, what is in the pool of my mind right now? New yarn projects...the Damson came off the needles during the relatively mild bachelorette party and she is not blocked yet, but she is done. Casting off 500 or so stitches is daunting, especially when I was on the third beer, but she made it out the other side and now a good soak and stretch are in order.

The only thing I am knitting right now is the ever increasing circle of stitches for my aptly named Pinwheel Sweater (free pattern). It is mindless but not mind numbing, and the 100% wool is knitting up to be light enough to guarantee use if the temps stay low. There us just not much to show except a blob-ish shape.

I did take it off the needles to check the fit and I think I will like it. Katie has her finished version blogged here and I loved it so that I cast on immediately, even though a few weeks ago it was in the 100s round here.

This has left me with idle needles begging for something, maybe another owl vest to give the other boy. Maybe a soft and stripey hat. Maybe an Ishbel in an icy blue to wrap gently around the neck of a friend who will need warming soon.
Yarn Finds
Yarn Finds

I have all this blue yarn gathered, it is a color I am learning to embrace and love. And with so much to use, the possibilities seem endless.

And then there are these buttons. Oh, I had a fun time during our trip away, digging through dusty tins of buttons, snatching special finds
Button Finds

and some run-of-the-mill strands.
Button Finds

I came away with quite a steal when the kind shop owner dumped them all in a bag for 2 dollars for the lot. A score. I glanced through this book once and found some sweet ideas, but part of me just wants to keep them for fingering through and counting.

Button Finds

These will eventually end up on something special... maybe a little girly dress like this one....hmmmm.

No pictures of this one, but I am the garden keeper at the school and it required some attention last week. I ripped out three huge tomatoes plants and found half a dozen giant horned tomato worms. Ugh. They were so gross, but the kids loved them and kept asking me to touch them. Anyway, the raised beds are just waiting on some amended soil and grubby little seed planting hands. I am thinking lettuce and cabbages, brussel sprouts and sweet peas and chard (always the chard, right?). I like the idea of the kids pulling potatoes out of their hidden depths, but I am not sure if those will grow in the beds. I guess it cannot hurt to try.

Let us hope that the fickle fall here gives me a few more days to revel before it slams us back with the inevitable triple digit Indian Summer. Until then I will be making away at whatever I can get my hands on. I hope fall is inspiring and activating you too. And thank you for all the words of encouragement on the picture gave me the boost I needed, lovely reading friends.


LauraC said...

On the kid potato growing front, read this on a local blog and have been thinking about trying it at our house (sweet potatoes grow year-round here):

It just looked so fun for kids!

jillian said...

I know exactly what you mean! This cool weather had me feeling so up this weekend.

All that beautiful yarn, and such cute buttons!

Anonymous said...

Being a garden keeper sounds like so much fun. Horned worms sound...less so.

Katie said...

ooh, I love the umbrella buttons! I worked in a few school gardens in Philly. I loved planning lessons around the garden! We had raised beds, and one year we grew some peanuts - they can be a lot of fun if you want a surprise from under the soil!... but as I typed that I just realized that you might have to worry about allergies?

Preeti said...

That pinwheel sweater is going to look so lovely and the Girly Dress - so sweet!!! Glad it's cooler now and that it's time for things to be nurtured and grown. The boys are going to love playing in the dirt looking for taters:)