Friday, April 02, 2010

April :: Sewing pants

I could probably skip all the words and just put up pictures of the pairs of pants that I finished sewing for the boys, but I am not going to do that. Instead, I am going to wax poetic about sewing and these pants. More specifically, the pattern I used to sew these pants.
Oliver & S Easter pants

This is the second time I have used the Sailboat pants pattern from Oliver & S. The first was for my brother's wedding. I loved the end result then and there is no exception this time around. I really really love these pants.
Oliver & S Easter pants

The thing I am realizing about Oliver & S is that the patterns truly are crafted. They are well planned and thought through, details abound and the style of the patterns is both timeless and fresh. This pattern has a lovely flat front construction that I find so flattering on little people. The pants are roomy and allow for lots of movement but still fall with just the right amount of flare.
Oliver & S Easter pants

The pattern itself is not too terribly complicated. It takes quite a few steps to get to the finished product but I found this second time around all went smoothly...until the waist elastic which I screwed up on so badly on one pair that I had to rip out stitches about 4 times. I think that had more to do with too much coffee and impatience than anything else. It was during the rip and re-sew (multiple times, mind you) that I really began to appreciate just what it means to be able to sew, to create your own clothes or clothes for your family. It feels almost magical, to watch them walk away in something made by hand. You would think by now I would be more accustomed to the feeling but it has not gone away yet.
Oliver & S Easter pants
Oliver & S Easter pants

For this incarnation I again extended the leg to create a full pant (versus a capri. manpri. hmmm, boypri?). I also used a bit of leftover Heather Ross fabric for the pseudo 'pocket' area to bring in a few pieces of flair.
Oliver & S Easter pants
The main fabric is a medium weight corduroy that has been in the stash for years. I did not spend a penny on these as everything was already here, but it took a considerable chunk of time to get all the bits done. The trade off when sewing your own clothes really is the time you invest. But you know what? I think I will be making these pants for years to come. Simple and effective and the boys love to wear them (won't take them off, actually). Totally worth the time taken to sew and the price of the pattern in so many ways.
Oliver & S Easter pants

If you have thought about plunging into clothes construction and have yet to try, I highly encourage you to get yourself a Olive & S pattern. I will be attempting one of her sweet dresses soon and I cannot wait. It may seem daunting, but these patterns take you through a step by step process that is clear and concise. I have found my skills advancing every time I sew with her patterns and I look forward to trying.

I thought I would share a simple tutorial just in case you are not ready for sewing a full pant like the Sailboat pants. I started sewing for the boys by making these pants.
muslin pants
I created a quick photo tutorial for Marnie, thought but you could browse and see if it sparks your interest. I found them a great intro project and I find I still whip put pairs when the boys need new pajamas.

Whatever you try, happy sewing! And Happy Easter! Now get thee to your egg dying.


jillian said...


Laura said...

How wonderful! Great job~

Goddess in Progress said...

I've got that pattern sitting in the to-do pile.... :-)

I feel the same way, they're really great step-by-step patterns. A lot of steps, but easy to follow if you just take your time.

erin said...

Great job on the pants! I love the contrasting fabric in the pocket area. I've made these pants twice and I agree about the Oliver & S patterns. They are very well written. I like that you extended the length of them. I did find the side vent a bit tricky. I recently made the sailboat pants and they are great too.

Anonymous said...

Um how much and I will send you Seven's measurements! Love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Those pants are gorgeous... but what I loved most is the difference between the chubby starfish baby hands in those last pictures and the boy hands in the pictures above. Amazing isn't it??

I grew up with all (well 90% of them) my own clothes made by my mother. I think I was in my teens before I had store bought clothes, and that was only because I used my pocket money to buy them hehehe. My first pair of jeans? Age 14!!! And I've been living in them ever since :)

K8 said...

Love those! And I always love reading about the process :)

Beth said...

I made the Oliver + S tea party dress for my girls' 4th birthday dresses. It wasn't my first time sewing, but it was my first time making clothing for them. You expressed exactly why I loved the pattern: good directions, tailored clothing that wears well, and is so adorable. I highly recommend this pattern if you are looking for a dress. I did a matching floral pattern for the skirt and a different color solid for each top, and my girls loved them! Thanks for the pants tutorial. I haven't done pants yet, but will try these soon!