Friday, October 15, 2010

A Month of Me :: 15 (But really 14)

So the prompt read something like "A hero that has let you down" "write them a letter". Jeez. Like any hero needs to hear a letter about their failings. I bet they never asked to be a hero in the first place.

1605–15; back formation from ME heroes (pl.) < L hērōs (sing.), hērōes (pl.) < Gk hḗrōs, hḗrōes

Super Mace

I took Latin for four years in high school. This does not make me a hero. Just a dork. But it always makes me curious about the origin of the words we casually toss about on a daily basis. Or use on a stale prompt (that as I read through the rest of the questions just seems to get staler) (Is that a word? Stale-r. Hmmm).

Anyways, heroes should not have to read letters about the letting down of others. Instead I think we should all consider ourselves heroes of something or another. Unless you are bad and mean and act in nefarious criminal ways that do not resemble Robin Hood. Then you should not reach for the status of Hero.

So, the root of the word is to sing. Because someone sings their praises; you cannot be a hero without a story, right? But we are all so unsung in our lives in so many ways.

I have to admit that this post is coming from a place of reading other blog posts today. I have highly censored myself in the world online blog reading because my involvement in the 'craft' as it is tends towards the 'taking things too personally' when I read posts that strike a nerve, not a chord. these today happened to be of a few brand new mommas totally blissing out on the first few days of their child's birth. Which is awesome. Believe me, if you can bliss and birth, that is awesome. And if you can take amazing pictures in sepia tone when it is happening, even more so.

But it made me thing about heroic people in my life right now. And they are not a totally unsung lot, I mean they have their own website and stuff, but man, newbie twin parents should get a totally awesome letter about how despite the fact that they always feel like they are letting someone down (because they have two)(or more sometimes) they get through it. They sometimes miss the perfect newborn pictures and deal with complications and small babies and feeding issues and coordinating sleep and juggling responsibilities and giving each child enough and never really getting that 'me' time in the beginning and, uh, did I mention, two? But they do it.

And sometimes they blog about it and sometimes they don't. But they do it.

And that makes them heroes in my eyes that actually deserve a letter telling them that they have not let anyone down. Not one of their children. Not older siblings or ones that follow. They were just introduced into a class of Hero that they may never have considered, well, Heroic.


LauraC said...

DANG. When I grow up I want to write like you. I've had this conversation with my best friend many times as she is deep into the craziness with four month old twins. I keep telling her - everyone is alive, that means you are a superhero.

Shelley said...

Love love love this!

Claroux said...